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Buck Model 384

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Buck Firepits

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Buck Model 21

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The Manhattan

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Buck Model 74

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Pyramid Chiminea

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Buck Stove Outdoor Grills

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Gas Grill
The new BuckGrill by Buck Stove brings simplicity and functionality back to grilling. Our grill features a dual burner unit with individual heat controls allowing you to sear food on one side of the grill while simultaneously browning or warming on the other side. The drip pan funnels all the excess fat and grease to a drip bucket for easy disposal and helps to prevent grease fire flare-ups. As a dual function, you can close the drip pan shut-off valve and fill your cleaned drip pan with water to steam your favorite vegetables; preserving all their nutrients and vibrant colors. This grill has 2 sturdy side -trays giving you a great place for your basting sauces and allowing you to have your serving plates ready to present your grilled masterpiece. Both side trays have 2 dual-prong utensil hooks for convinient storage of your grill utensils during your cooking session. The L.P. tank storage area provides a hidden and secure area for your L.P. tank. The Buck Grill features 2 guide wheels and 2 steering casters for easy transportation. The steering casters include locking mechanisms assuring you that your unit will stay put while grilling. Available as L.P. or Natural Gas (with conversion kit), this grill will cost you but pennies per cooking session.
Gas Grill


  • Dual Burner Controls
  • Electronic Ignition
  • Drip Pan with Shut-Off Valve and Drip Bucket
  • Side Trays with Grill Utensil Hooks
  • L.P. Tank Storage Area
  • Heat Temp Indicator
  • Adjustable Air Control
  • Guide Wheels and Locking Casters
  • Design Certified

Gas Grill


Buck Stove continues to be innovative with our products. Over the years, Buck Stove has expanded our product line to include outstanding and highly functional outdoor grills. Our products are 100% hand-crafted in the U.S.A.

Fire Pit Grill Top - Model CGFP1830XL
Grill Freestanding Outdoor Charcoal Grill - Model FSCG18
grill Pole Mount for FSCG18 Grill
grill Hitch Mount For FSCG18 Free Standing Charcoal Grill



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